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I first began working part-time in IT for about eleven years ago, performing jobs for Tatincom Computers: installing OS and software, working with computer architecture, both hard- and software, concerning myself with an attention to detail, not shying away from problems and ensuring I always did a thorough job. I settled upon the field I wished to study, but over the course of a year I was unable to find work that, in my opinion, offered sufficient pay for the work performed. After a conversation with an acquaintance at the internet and digital television provider “Дом.ру” and hearing his salary, I resolved to find work in this area. After analysing the market for providers in Kazan and discovering potential subscribers, I came to the conclusion that the best provider was “КазГорСеть”, and so decided to apply to them. I sent off my CV to their personnel department, but received no response. Why would they want an unqualified employee with no proof of experience? However, I turned up to the interview anyway, uninvited, and managed to convince the technical director to give me a chance, and then negotiated two more rounds of interviews (in person with the services manager, and a teleconference with a representative of “УФАНЕТ”), as a result of which I was given a job as a service engineer. I enjoyed the work, and decided to move ‘horizontally’ within the company to become better acquainted with the services they offered, and to develop myself further. With no length of service

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