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Glorium Technologies (remote), Минск
с декабря 2021 г. по июнь 2023 г. (1 год и 6 месяцев)
Software Engineer
Project: Fertility-focused healthcare website Spring Boot, MySQL, Flyway, REST, Drools, Stripe • Took over an unfinished project after 1.5 years of development • Refactored and launched the project into production within 6 months • Had a lead role as the primary backend developer • Cleaned and organized the database, implemented migrations • Removed code duplications and extracted common functionalities into a separate shared module • Integrated the Stripe payment system • Implemented document signing by patients via email magic link and storing them in S3 • Implemented a rule engine module (utilizing Drools system) for generating medical reports based on health questionnaires and medical test results • Developed functionality for uploading medical tests and questionnaires, and preprocessing them for the rule engine • Created a portal component, allowing doctors to track the status of each order, access medical records, and generate reports • Implemented paired product workflows with email notifications for both woman and her partner • Upgraded the patient appointment booking system, which was synchronized with doctors' Google Calendars
Glorium Technologies (remote), Минск
с декабря 2021 г. по июнь 2023 г. (1 год и 6 месяцев)
Software Engineer
Project: Modular services for managing customers, devices, firmware. Spring, JAX-RS, Postgres, Keycloak, JWT, Things Board, REST • Reconfigured and migrated the Keycloak to a newer version in the JAX-RS module of the system • Implemented Keycloak authentication in another Spring Boot module, replacing the custom authentication service; combined both authentication systems for flexibility during the migration process • Added offline token authentication • Improved data fetching speed by refactoring the system's component communicating with the Things Board API; configured the asynchronous data retrieval • Added JWT token caching for Keycloak and Things Board API • Implemented the REST API for system modules communication Project: Email journaling service Spring Boot, MySQL, Box CMS, Amazon SES, Java Mail API • Implemented a specialized service that tracked emails related to user actions in the Box CMS, fetched additional data using the Box API, created journaling emails for archiving purposes, and generated reports with statistics
Bluesoft, Брно
с января 2021 г. по ноябрь 2021 г. (10 месяцев)
Full Stack Developer
Project: sazka.cz – the primary lottery website in the Czech Republic .NET MVC, Kentico CMS, HTML5, Sass, TypeScript, Vue.js • Developed and maintained the website, participated in the migration process from .NET Web Forms to MVC platform • Restructured multiple widgets using the Razor Pages framework • Improved outdated JavaScript components by refactoring them using TypeScript and Vue.js • Created dynamic pages for both desktop and mobile devices, covering the backend and frontend aspects
Hartmann, Брно
с августа 2019 г. по декабрь 2020 г. (1 год и 4 месяца)
Software Developer
Project: Intranet web applications Java EE, MSSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML • Participated in the development of new features for the app that tracked offers on medical products • Implemented an extension service to display and update basic information for products available in stock • Refactored the product ticket generation app, implemented error handling for invalid input files • Participated in the internationalization of web apps and automated the substitution of texts with appropriate variables • Consistently supported web apps and addressed various bug fixes


University of Technology, Брно
Information Technology
с сентября 2017 г. по сентябрь 2021 г. (4 года)
Bachelor's Thesis: Web application for visualization of manufacturing schedules. dspace.vutbr.cz/handle/11012/199340 github.com/b-ssr/bp-update The application renders the raw data of a manufacturing schedule in the form of a Gantt chart. It enables users to perform various interactions with the chart, such as selecting specific sources, scaling the timeline, displaying additional information, etc.

О себе

Soft Skills: Direct Client Interaction and Result-Driven Performance • Collaborated directly with the client on a startup project, adapting to constantly changing priorities alongside the team. Delivered new developments promptly based on evolving requirements. Actively participated in client discussions and provided own ideas for project advancement when appropriate. • Independently worked on and successfully completed another project in half the originally planned time, thanks to my efficient work. Technical Interviewing and Assessment • Participated in the recruitment process for Java Developer positions. Conducted 5 interviews, assessing candidates' technical skills and providing concise skill assessments. Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Teamwork • Over the past years, I have worked in teams consisting of members from at least 5 different countries and nationalities. My significant travel experience has enabled me to easily connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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