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Adaptive Planning
Agile Project Management
Project Documentation

О себе

I am an experienced product/project manager in the field of IT, with over 3 years of expertise in project and product management. Here are five key aspects that define me: My skill set encompasses project management, research, project initiation, planning, documentation etc. Currently, I am responsible for managing various projects (over 3) and a product. I firmly believe that effective communication, when organized, can resolve any problem. I strive for structured communication in both my personal and professional life, recognizing its potential for positive outcomes. Time efficiency is of utmost importance to me, and I actively seek ways to minimize time requirements. I despise wasting time and consistently aim to streamline processes. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to handle challenging situations in both my personal and professional life. Even in critical circumstances, I remain composed and balanced, continually working towards enhancing these skills. I strongly advocate for continuous learning. I recognize the value of ongoing education, extending beyond the boundaries of my role as a project manager, and embrace opportunities for growth and development.

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