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Greetings. I am an experienced Node.JS backend developer. I have almost 3 years of commercial experience. I have worked with different databases, I am an expert in both SQL and NoSQL. At the same time, I am familiar with both OLTP and OLAP databases and their differences, I have read "The Data Warehouse Toolkit" written by Kimball and constructed an OLAP database in Redshift. I am an expert in PostgreSQL functions ( recursive as well ) and triggers, good knowledge of channels and listeners for DB changes. In one of my projects, I synced PostgreSQL with Redis and ElasticSearch by opening a channel in PostgreSQL and pushing notifications to it while Node.JS was listening to them and updating ElasticSearch and Redis in realtime ( there was a debouncer to prevent some unexpected multiple updates ). Redis was used to handle permissions and only the server was accessing it and ElasticSearch was used for searching our catalogue. I have used [ссылка скрыта] to make a chat for one of my e-commerce projects to handle a conversation between the user and admin. I have experience with AWS S3, SES, RDS, Glue, and Redshift. For most of the backend projects I used Express, however, I can also use Fastify. I have experience with React, and I have built several admin panels.

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