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LFcarry is a platform created for gamers by gamers for gamers. This is a place where you can achieve your in-game goals without wasting any of your time farming, grinding, or doing any other boring routine. We are funded by Y Combinator, Twitch's co-founder, and dozens of angels and venture capitalists! LFCarry has helped players from 50+ different countries across the globe. Why we’re doing this and who our clients are: Some online game users don’t have enough time or a reliable team to get into high-tier content or earn top-notch gear and achievements. That’s why they turn to our platform and hire PRO players to help them unlock endgame content or teach them some game tricks. We give gamers a chance to monetize their professional skills and make a living doing what they love and helping others. We’re going to create a billion new jobs in virtual worlds. Come and join us!

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